Together we can make the sport safe and better.

How does it work?

Ready to ramp up the safety at your cycling event? Let’s break down how we make it happen. Our process is all about getting to know your race inside-out and creating a custom safety game plan that fits just right. Here’s a snapshot of the steps we take to turn your event into a safe, smooth-riding experience:

Step 1: Documentation and route

We begin by partnering with you to access the race route and gather necessary information. This stage is key for open communication, understanding your specific needs, and discussing the course’s safety aspects.

Step 2: Course evaluation and risk analysis

Our team performs a evaluation of the course, identifying potential hazards. This analysis is pivotal in understanding the unique safety challenges your event may face.

Step 3: Safety Planning

Based on our findings, we develop a customized safety plan. This plan addresses the identified risks and outlines strategies for emergency response, safety equipment, and communication.

Step 4: Safe Score and inputs from stakeholders

We implement a ‘Safe Score’ system to evaluate safety levels. We actively seek input from key stakeholders, including race organizers and, importantly, riders, to ensure a well-rounded safety strategy.

Step 5: Execution

While we offer full execution of the safety plan, including deploying our own equipment and personnel, you have the flexibility to use your own resources. Our focus is on providing guidance and support to ensure the highest safety standards, whether you choose to implement the plan with your team or ours.

Step 6: Post-event safety debrief

Following the event, we conduct a comprehensive debrief, analyzing the effectiveness of the safety strategies and gathering feedback from all parties involved. This is essential for continuous improvement and future collaboration.


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