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At Safe Cycling, safety is our top priority. We understand that ensuring the well-being of the riders, spectators, and organisers is essential in the world of racing. That’s why we offer comprehensive consulting services that go beyond traditional safety measures.

Our goal is simple: to make racing events safer and more secure. With our expertise and dedication, we partner with race organizers to create a safer racing environment. Explore our range of consulting services below and choose the package that best suits your needs. Together, we can elevate race safety standards and provide peace of mind to all involved.


Access to Safety Resources:

Gain exclusive access to a wealth of safety guidelines and resources, ensuring you have the latest information at your fingertips.

Safety Plan and Evaluation:

Receive a meticulously crafted safety plan and in-depth evaluation to guarantee the highest level of race safety.

Pre-Event Risk Assessment

Identify and mitigate potential risks through a comprehensive pre-event risk assessment, leaving no room for uncertainty.

Assigned Safety Consultant

Benefit from a dedicated safety consultant who works closely with you to address your unique safety needs.

AI Assistant

Utilize the power of AI for instant answers to safety queries and support in ensuring race safety.

Customized Safety Solutions

Tailor safety solutions to match your specific event requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your race.

Responsive and Adaptive Approach

Experience a nimble response to changing conditions, with the ability to adapt safety measures rapidly.

Advanced Safety Analytics

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to stay ahead of safety trends and continuously improve race safety.

Yearly Strategic Safety Session

Engage in an annual strategic safety session to set the course for an even safer racing future.

Safe Score

Our Safe Score system simplifies race safety assessment for riders, teams, and organizers. Scores range from 1 to 10:

  • Safe Score 1 (Safest): Exceptionally safe, top-notch measures.
  • Safe Score 2: Very safe, minor improvements needed.
  • Safe Score 3: Safe, excellent measures.

Scores from 1 to 3 are excellent.

  • Safe Score 4: Reasonably safe, effective measures.
  • Safe Score 5: Moderately safe, balanced measures.
  • Safe Score 6: Fairly safe, with room for improvement.

Scores from 4 to 6 indicate a good level of safety.

  • Safe Score 7 and Above: Scores from 7 to 10 suggest safety concerns.

Think of a Safe Score of 3 as a high level of race safety. While it’s rare to find a course without any obstacles, a Safe Score of 3 indicates excellent safety measures, minimal obstacles, and well-maintained road conditions. It shows a strong commitment to safety even when facing some challenges.

Safe Score system

Safe Score 1 (Safest)

Exceptionally Safe: Top safety measures, excellent road conditions, and minimal obstacles on a well-planned course.

Safe Score 2

Very Safe: Almost perfect, considering the improvements made. Minor challenges exist, but overall safety measures, road conditions, and road furnishings are commendable.

Safe Score 3

Safe: Well-prepared with excellent safety measures, minimal obstacles, and good road conditions.

Safe Score 4

Reasonably Safe: Generally safe with some improvements. Safety measures are effective, road conditions are decent, and moderate obstacles are addressed.

Safe Score 5

Moderately Safe: Balanced safety measures, reasonable road conditions, and manageable obstacles.

Safe Score 6

Fairly Safe: Safety measures are in place, some areas need work. Road conditions are fair, and obstacles are noticeable but manageable.

Safe Score 7

Somewhat Safe: Safety concerns, improvements required in safety measures, road conditions, and obstacles.

Safe Score 8

Less Safe: Significant safety issues, poor road conditions, and challenging obstacles that demand immediate attention.

Safe Score 9

Relatively Unsafe: Critical safety lapses, hazardous road conditions, and substantial obstacles requiring urgent remediation.

Safe Score 10

Unsafe: Unsafe, posing significant dangers due to inadequate safety measures, hazardous road conditions, and numerous obstacles.

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